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Adult With Cerebral Palsy Stands On Her Own 1 Year After Having Her Life Changing Surgery

I thought I would share a 1 year update after having my life changing surgery last year. As you may remember, I had surgery on my right foot where they literally broke my foot and straightened it out again and I am honestly doing amazing. I can now stand on my own, walk in heels and experience even better than I could before.

Walking in heels has always been a dream of mine, I was literally the girl in my preschool class that would tell the teacher that I liked her shoes and I am very grateful that I can now wear all of the shoes in my closet after my surgery. I guess the message I am trying to get across is even though something could be nerve racking or scary for you, just remember to never give up! Make sure to click the link below to watch!⬇️

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