Opening Up About My Anxiety And How It Affects Me

Living with Cerebral palsy is extremely challenging but having anxiety on top of living is even more challenging. I have always have had anxiety even as a child. As you can imagine, Living with a physical challenge is very difficult and lustrating but the thing that triggers my anxiety the most is school.

school has always been one of my biggest anxiety triggers, it wasn't until the beginning of the pandemic that my anxiety got really bad. My anxiety started to get worse when everything shut down and I was forced to do all of my school work completely on my own. I was also going through a lot of big life changes that triggered a lot of my anxiety, like my twin going away to college and me going to School for the first time without a paraprofessional. When something would trigger my anxiety, I would stop whatever I was doing at the time and I would start hyperventilating, then I would have a full-blown meltdown like a toddler, I ended up getting counseling when I was in high school but that ended up not helping. It wasn't until I started college that I decided to do something about my anxiety, so ended up going to the doctor and I ended up being put on a anti anxiety medication called Prozac. Being on Prozac has changed my life and I feel like I'm a totally different person. I encourage anyone that is have a difficult time to go do something about it because it will change your life!

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