Speaking at Kean University

Recently, I got the opportunity to speak at Kean University to the Curious Science Writers program. I spoke in front of teenagers who are being trained to write about science and research. I shared my story to help them understand more about what it is like to live with a disability and gave them a personalized view of my disability, not just some facts on a website.

I talked about being born premature and all of the struggles my parents had to go through in the early days of my life. I also talked about the many surgeries that I have had and the therapies that I have gone through in an effort to make my life easier. In my talk, I also mentioned the fact that my parents didn't treat me any different than my twin sister, and they still don't. I wanted to tell everyone that even though I have a disability, I can still live a normal life.

I just wanted to thank Curious Science Writers for having me come and speak to their students. It was a great experience and I had a great time!

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