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Adult With Cerebral Palsy's Life Changes Forever | The Day Of Her Life Changing Surgery

We are headed to the hospital for my life changing surgery and I am nervous as heck right now but I will get one out of me we are about to be there so I will talk to you guys

when we get there.

We have made it to the hospital and this is the last time that I will be getting out of the car with a crooked foot. we just got to the room where I'm gonna

get changed and the doctor's gonna come in and talk to us I'm excited nervous and scared.we are all set and ready to go and we just met with the doctor we met with all the nurses and the anesthesiologists and so we got the iv in to make it easier than the last time, look at that crooked foot for the last time.I'm not drunk no you’re not, how was it? Do you feel anything yeah.Why are you lifting your foot up, the doctor did everything that he said he was going to do. he also said that it was very turned and he did the muscle lengthening. My pain is okay right now, well you're probably on lots of meds. How do you feel I don't feel nothing, you don't feel anything and you sound like Grandpa. What did you say you? You dreamt about making videos, yeah I dreamt about making videos the whole time. I feel like I didn't even have it to my room and I am in a lot of pain but it is manageable. So i am going to bed because i need to go to bed. Make sure to click the link below to watch!⬇️

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