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Cerebral Palsy Community Day Interviews

I'm working with the Weinberg Cerebral Palsy Center and I will be interviewing a lot of the participants.

so my name is Melanie Waldman I'm a model actually at QVC but I'm here today with dateability.  Dateability is the first ever dating out for people with disabilities and for people who are not disabled who are interested in dating disabled.  so I know that you were saying that you're interested in possibly dating a non-disabled person, no shake whatever you like there are ways to disclose on the app. What kind of disabilities do you have maybe if you're non-disabled you can disclose that as well. We also have it's like visual descriptions on our images which standard dating apps do not have. So we have the things that you're looking for. when it comes to dating good first dating questions and we have here too we do there are some questions for dating disabled so one thing that I can think of off the top of my head is maybe what questions do you have for me about my disability. Maybe there are things that you're comfortable with or not comfortable with and what's your favorite color? maybe what's your favorite food? that's what I can think of, how about you do you have anything you can think of as this person what would you say, Well my followers here have no idea about this but my top two questions are I would like to be a nonis person but also my number one is to have the man lift me on a bar stool.

Are you able to introduce yourself? yes of course so my name is Jo L Moran and I am on the board of Cerebral Palsy Positive also CP Positive. we're a nonprofit that is trying to help adults with CP get access to care so um there are not a lot of centers like the Weinberg Center that support adults with CP.So some people have to travel across states to get the care that they need and so we support them by providing reimbursements for travel costs. If someone needs

a train ticket to go from one state to another to get adult care or  a bus ticket or a plane ticket, we reimburse

you for that cost so that you're able to get the care that you need, if somebody is interested in their services how would they like contact you? yeah, that's a great question um the best way to contact us is to go to our website um there's a QR code here but if you go to cerebral palsy positive. org um and you go to our site read about the services and apply. For the funding we offer funding on a Case by case basis, we need to know what your need is in order to provide the funding.  So our last question is what are you most for being here today? Well, I'm an adult with CP myself, so I think what I'm most excited about is being able to share this great information with people and also seeing friends that I haven't seen in a very long time is definitely really fun and exciting so yeah we're just thankful to be able to share that information.

I am here with CP Extension, would you be able to explain what you do and what it is I'm so glad to be here and meet you today. I am Justine witzky I'm one of the co-founders of CP Extension We're a relatively new nonprofit organization, launched in 2022. we do a few different things,  so we give financial support grants for individuals with CP to help improve access to care Sometimes that's Transportation Mobility equipment a therapy that's not paid for by Insurance. For things like that, we're also working on building a provider network of people who Riders who will take patients with CP but aren't necessarily CP specialists, maybe a dentist or a dermatologist or a gynecologist. so that people know that they have somewhere to go, that's what we're working on and we're thrilled to be here today at the community day. we are blown away by how receptive the CP Community has been to our new organization. I think there are two things for me I know that's not the question there was one the question was one thing but two things of how well-received this has been how welcoming everyone has been in the CP Community um but then also we have

gotten to have you know such wonderful meaningful conversations with the families of people who have received the grants and I think almost every one of those conversations we've all been brought to tears so it's really such a wonderful thing to do. we're thrilled to have participated in today's event to meet so many people in the Weinberg CP Community and we also got to meet a few people who received grants from our organization in which we had never met them before so that's a a real thrill and a surprise.


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