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Adult With Cerebral Palsy Learns How To Curl Her Hair On Her Own | Lena GenieCurl Review & Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how the Lena Geniecurl works?

Step 1 -The first thing I do while the curling wand is heating up is brush out my hair and split it in half so that I can do one side of my head at a time

Step 2 - grab a hair tie and tie off the hair that your not curling at the moment

Step 3 - all I do is put a tiny piece of hair in the machine and press the left button for the right side of my head and then it will beep three times when it is done

Step 4 - I repeat the same steps on the other side of my head but I am pressing the right button for the left side of my head

This is a great product for people with dexterity issues, even though this product is not marketed for that. I just found it on Amazon and I thought I would try it and has helped me tremendously with curling my hair on my own.Make sure to click the link below to watch!⬇️

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