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Adult With Cerebral Palsy Reviews The Permobil Smart Drive | Permobil Smart Drive Review

The Permobil Smart Drive is a lightweight power assist for my manual wheelchair that helps me to go up hills and ramps, and go long distances without having to push. The first thing I do to put my Smart Drive on my Chair is. I transfer into another chair and turn my wheelchair around so that the back of my chair is facing me and then I put the Smart Drive on the floor next to me. Than I stand up using one hand holding on to the table or anything that is sturdy around me so that I can grab the Smart Drive with my other hand and there is a black bar on the back of my chair with a black card attached to it ,where the Smart Drive rests on and once I plug in the wire and turn it on by pressing the button on the top of the Smart Drive.

Once the three blue lights are on on the top of the Smart Drive then I am ready to go. Well my Smart Drive is controlled by an app on my apple watch and or kill switch buttons on ether side of the front of my chair. All I do to start the motor is tap my right wrist twice on the rim of my wheel and tap my wheel again once to set my speed. I can also start it by pressing and holding ether of my kill switch buttons to set my speed but I prefer to use my apple watch to start it and ether one of my kill switch buttons to stop it.There is a new dial that can also control the smart drive and it is safer to use. If I do crash into something, there is a mechanism in my Smart Drive where it automatically shuts off when I crash into something. Make sure to click the link below to watch!⬇️

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lieven laveyne
lieven laveyne
Aug 02, 2023

keep strong sweetie am support you take care hugs with love from lieven from belgium xoxo . ps i send you earlier a mail to you , do you see read my mail ? .

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