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Learning how to ride a bike at 15.

Learning how to ride bike at 15 years old may seem a little bit strange to most people, because a lot of people usually learn when they are a lot younger. However, it was different for me. Because of all my challenges, doing simple things like riding a bike is a lot more difficult.

I got my first two-wheeled bike for my birthday last May. I have a lot of balancing issues because of my CP, so we had to adapt it to my needs, like most other things.

We added two more wheels to the back, sort of like training wheels, but bigger. These help me to stabilize the bike, and also allow me to ride the bike without falling over like I would if I didn't have them. In addition to the extra wheels, we also took the pedals from my old bicycle, a bigger tricycle that was used for kids with disabilities, and put them on my new bike. The pedals are bigger than normal and have straps, which helps me keep my feet on them when my muscles are tight, which is pretty much all the time.

Right now, I am still in the process of learning how to ride it, but I am getting better and better every day. One of the most challenging parts is getting on and off of the bike. Because my muscles are so tight, I have a really hard time getting on my bike so my dad usually helps me out. Another challenge I have is pedaling, especially when I don't have any momentum.

Despite all of these challenges, I am working hard to improve and I feel like I am getting better every day.

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