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Copy of Adult With Cerebral palsy Gets Her Cast Off 7 Weeks After Having Her Life Changing Surgery

Today is a very exciting day because I am headed to the hospital to finally get my cast off after having it on for six weeks so I will see you guys there.

The first thing that they did to make the brace was, they put a very long on my leg and then they cut the sock to fit my leg. Once they cut the sock to fit my leg then they took a sharpie marker to mark where the straps for the brace we're going to go. once they mark where the straps are going to go then they take a piece of plastic which is kind of like a level and wrap fiberglass around the piece of plastic and my leg to make the mold for the brace.

I just got home from the hospital after getting my cast off and i thought I would share a little bit of an update on my recovery since I have not done that in a while. The first month of my recovery was a little bit rough but the good thing is that I have learned how to adapt and I can do most things on my own now. I have also figured out how to

go up and down the stairs on my own with the cast on and the way I do that is I go up and down the stairs on my butt but whatever works right, all you have to do is adapt. I am so excited for when I get my brace and so that I can start working out and get my body stronger.

I am sharing this because wearing a brace on my leg or anything that makes me look different except my wheelchair, is one of my biggest fears and I want you all to face your own fears, no matter what your fear is! Make sure to click the link below to watch!⬇️

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lieven laveyne
lieven laveyne
May 26, 2023

i like the cool collor from your nice pink fiber-cast mmmmmmmmmm , and you have cute toes xoxo

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