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How Being Quarantined Has Changed My Life

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Being quarantined and not being able to go anywhere has changed my life! Since we have all been quarantined, I have been forced to be a lot more independent, especially when it comes to my school work. For the first time in my life, I am doing all of my school work completely on my own and to be honest, it has been really challenging for me. For example, say I only have four classes on Monday. It takes me four times as long to get those four classes done then it does for an average person because I don’t type very fast and I need someone to help me write things down on paper. Some things are really difficult, such as my math homework because I am still learning how to physically write on my own.

I am still sticking to my regular routine of getting up a bit early to get myself ready for the day, because if I don’t get up early and get myself ready, I would get nothing done. I set two alarms each night. My first alarm goes off at 5:15AM, and I take that time to go on my phone and check my social media. Once my secend alarm goes off at 5:30AM, I get out of bed and get myself ready for the day. Once I am ready, I head downstairs to make myself breakfast and some tea before I start my school work for the day.

Being quarantined has not only taught me that I can do more things on my own than I give myself credit for, but it also has taught me that in order for me to be perductive, I have to wake up early, get myself ready for the day and create a to-do list. If I did not do this, I would not get anything done and would stay in my pajamas all day and be on my phone instead of being productive.

How has being quarantined and not being able to go anywhere changed your life?

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Kenneth Fletcher
Kenneth Fletcher
Jul 29, 2021

made me realise how important friends are

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